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New York City, just like I’m picturing it

I’m getting kind of excited about spending some untethered time in NYC.  I feel like circumstances are aligning.  The sun is expected to shine in mild blue skies.  The moon will be nearly full and, I predict, spectacular.  I have a good idea about what I’m going to wear (cutoff shorts with footless tights, flat shoes for walking) and what I’ll need to pack (running gear, a cute dress for cocktails).

My plans are fluid but include a couple of stops on my way downtown – Macy’s, perhaps, Porto Rico Importers, definitely, Rocco’s more than likely.  I’ll be dressed casually so I’m going with a backpack instead of an overnight bag.  I like to have my hands free and travel light.

I’ll have a quality late lunch with at least one glass of wine, maybe my first rose of the season.  My plans include a nap followed by a run.  I want to head south down the lower west side to Battery Park through the Seaport and over the Brooklyn Bridge.  The “blood moon” will be rising and whatever music I choose I know will be perfect.

A quick shower off, a little makeup and then there will be cocktails at a swanky place down on lower Hudson where, I believe, Sundays are “pants optional.”  Fun will be had.  I know how to do this.   It’s going to be epic.

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Happy trails

DSC_0009At one point Sunday afternoon, as Chrissy and I ran over snow and sand and through mud and ice, I had to laugh at how lucky it is that we both find the challenge of trail running to be fun.  Yes, fun.  It’s like being a kid again, running through the woods to either get somewhere, or maybe away from someone, not really knowing exactly where we’re going, but having the luxury of enough time to simply run.

On Saturday we did the Parker 5k, a seriously challenging lope through the woods which Chrissy blazed through.  We were down a lunar b*tch, unexpectedly, but we both rallied for respectable finishes on a morning which was far more benign than expected.  There was no rain and the mud provided an obstacle or added an element of excitement, all in the eye of the beholder.

Aren't they lively looking?

Aren’t they lively looking?

A couple of remarks I heard post-race were validating, the race was “humbling,” and the trail “grueling.”  No one was complaining. This event is pleasingly small with only about 100 finishers and everyone who participated appeared remarkably healthy and fit.  As Chrissy said, it felt much more like a friendly group run through the woods than a race.  Next year, hopefully we’ll be our usual running threesome. Missed you, Karen!

Sunday was a gorgeous day – the first day of the year for me to run wearing only a single layer and sleeveless, at that.  We met at the Pine Bush’s trailhead #7, where we consulted a posted map and quickly determined we had no idea how to read it properly.  It was mid afternoon and we had time and an app on our side so we headed in, bearing right at most forks in the trail as we sought a longish run.  The scenery was absolutely beautiful and the day was an ambiguous one, early spring which easily could have been mistaken for mid fall.

"Mudders"We skirted a deep ravine and ran on the narrowest of paths up steeper than expected hills.  There was mud, but no real standing water and we both were glad we had worn our mudders from the previous day again.  We encountered fewer than a handful of other intrepid fun seekers and I have a new desire to familiarize myself with this large nature area.  Saratoga State Park’s trails have nothing on this place in terms of challenge and beauty and I can’t wait to go back for another, even longer, loop.

We wrapped up our running adventures with a first of the season soak in Chrissy’s hot tub.  It was a good weekend.

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My love affair with Winter

Valentine’s Day seems the perfect time to express my adoration for Winter.  In all honesty, it’s a love I never imagined experiencing.  Winter was always the cruelest of seasons, I thought.  Endlessly long, yet filled with days which offered mere hours of daylight.  Cold in a way that kept one indoors, in isolation.  Yuck.

Our relationship was purely platonic at the start.  It was a casual thing for many years, sort of a “friends with benefits situation.”  If I had a little extra timphoto 2(4)e, I could maybe work in an hour outdoors on my cross-country skis.  Many people have a summer romance, but we had a winter fling. Winter certainly wasn’t something I was willing to build a life around. It was more a matter of convenience, a circumstance I’d be remiss to replicate in my romantic life, yet acceptable for a relationship physical in nature.

During the snowy years, we got a little more serious with each other and I found myself keeping my skis in my car “just in case.” I explored Capital Hills, familiarizing myself with the various trails, learning which spots tended to get icy and which direction to ski to witness the often stellar winter sunsets.  I bought better cold weather gear and, repulsed by the false consistency of the treadmill, committed to running outdoors year round.

Winter challenged me and I responded with enthusiasm and devotion.  Downhill skiing beckoned and I fell even deeper in love.  The combination of adrenaline, fresh air and sunshine was intoxicating.  Winter was no longer something to be survived, it became a season to savor.  I realized recently that Winter has become my favorite season and I no longer wish it away as I may have in the past.
photo 1(4)
Sometimes we find love in the most unexpected places.  Recognizing it, and embracing it with grace, makes our time here, and our hearts, feel remarkably full.  Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Music lessons

During last night’s run, a song I was unfamiliar with came on my Spotify playlist.  The voice was familiar, but it took me a minute to bring the vocalist’s name to my lips…Lana Del Ray.  As I listened, a face popped into my mind and I smiled, thinking of the now-graduated student who had brought her music to my attention.  CF was a most ardent supporter of Lana and I can thank him for exposing me to her.  He also  introduced me to one of my now favorite high school movies, Easy A, a movie he said I had to watch because I reminded him so much in voice, mannerism and appearance, of the main character played by Emma Stone.  Nice kid, right?

I started thinking about other students who have shared themselves and their enthusiasms with me over the years.  I realized that, after working with thousands of kids for close to twenty years, the ones who left the greatest impression upon me, are the ones who taught me something.  The students I will always remember are those who opened a door and invited me to peek into their worlds, generally  through music.

There was CL who I will always immediately think of when I hear Voodoo Chile, picturing him on a semi-dark stage, eyes shut, playing his guitar as the audience of students gathered before him saw him in a profoundly different and new way.  JF was the student who I looked to for help when I received an iPod and was completely clueless about what to do with it. I brought my humble little iPod Nano to him and he took it home and loaded it up with music both familiar and new to me, impressing me with the breadth of his musical collection. How could you ever forget the person who brought Ornette Coleman into your world?

RS was one of those kids that I ran into at a show or two.  I knew I had passed muster when he came to me one day and started talking music.  He turned me on to M. Ward and his related projects, She & Him and Monsters of Folk.  We almost ran into each other a while back in Palm Springs and I know the day will come when we’ll both be in the same audience again.  DC taught me about Amy Winehouse and encouraged me to get onboard the retro R&B train, a move I’ve never regretted.  SE schooled me about Mumford & Sons and the Silversun Pickups and gave me, through her own experiences, a chance to look back at my high school years through a different prism.

There are days at school when I feel weighed down by my role as library cop, days when I feel as if all I do is correct behavior and enforce rules.  A nighttime run, plugged into a playlist, gives me a much-needed opportunity to reflect on some of the more positive interactions I’ve had with students, the opportunities I’ve had to learn from them.  So many students, so many bands, so much music, so much learned.  So very privileged.

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Last Run and a good run

This past weekend may have been close to perfect.  One of my favorite girls arrived prior to the snow and we settled in to an afternoon of satisfying household tasks.  There was cooking, roasting and baking.  A tree was agreed upon and chopped down, by me. Later, it was beautifully decorated, not by me.  I call that a win-win situation.

With our bellies full of delicious chili and layers of spandex and Lycra firmly in place, we ventured downtown to the starting line for Albany’s 2013 Last Run. Being smart and all, we stashed some clothes at the Wine Bar for a post-race nosh.  We are not amateurs, my friend.
I’ve done this race three years in a row and I have to tell you – it is the most fun race I do each year.  The fireworks, the costumes, the crowd, the lights – it is consistently a blast.  This year, despite the weather conditions (pretty damn cold with face freezing precipitation) I had the most fun ever, probably a combination of the perfect running friends and an entire day devoted to holiday tasks and festivities. Joy to the world, for sure!
photo 1(3)
We followed our exertions with a fantastic dinner at the Wine Bar.  You might think that I praise the food at the Wine Bar with such frequency because I work there, but you’d be wrong.  The reality, though, is I work there because the food is so damn good. Truth.  My meal, from the grilled Caesar salad to the phenomenal pork shoulder to the epic wedge of cheesecake from Cheesecake Machismo was flawless.  Perfect.
photo 2(3)
There was another Lilly enjoying her weekend’s activities and menu, Cassidy Bono.  She feasted on sirloin steak, ground beef, sardines and chicken breast, punctuated with plenty of biscuits.  There were lots of cuddles, along with belly rubs, and what turned out to be our last weekend together will always be a time which I will treasure.
We both had a good run.

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Getting myself into hot water

There’s something about a hot shower after a run on a fall night…Stripping off the layers of second skin UnderArmour and stepping into a steamy shower is one of my favorite parts of an evening run.  There is really only one thing that beats it, though, a hot bath!

Seriously, nothing compels me to get out the Ajax and scrub the tub more than my desire for a good soak.  As I prep the bathtub, my anticipation for 20 minutes of pure relaxation is almost as tangible as the ring around the tub from my last bath. A few minutes of cleaning and the way is paved for me to immerse myself up to my chin in bubbles – bliss.

Speaking of bubbles – do you have a favorite bath salt or brand of bubbles you like to use?  I haven’t really found one to settle on and instead tend to try new ones all the time.  My most recent purchase, Kneipp’s eucalyptus herbal bath, has proven to be a worthy contender for best smelling bubbles ever.  It only takes the smallest of capfuls (which is good because this stuff isn’t cheap) and the bathroom fills with a scent guaranteed to alleviate any sniffles or tightness in your chest. Amazing!

I’m in the market for an equally satisfying body scrub.  Any recommendations to share?  I’d even be open to making my own if someone could point me in the direction of a “recipe” that isn’t overly complicated.  I love fragrances like eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender, if that helps.  Thanks!


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Reflections from a full moon run

Full Hunter’s Moon by Raven Wu

October’s Hunter’s Full Moon run with the Lunar Bitches had a lot going on.  It had been an entire month since we had all been together and life moves fast.  We all have children and full time jobs (+) and relationships to maintain and we are definitely busy.

Our runs are generally an easy combination of conversation and silence, along with a few “watch outs” thrown in as we tread through less than clear paths.  Kind of like life, it seems.

I realized on Sunday night that we have some strong common threads, in addition to the running, which serve to connect us.  We each have children who have challenges with which they struggle.  Our struggle as moms often is to find the “right” balance between helping our kids by helping them and helping them by not helping them.  There isn’t a cool app we can use to measure our success as we do our runs.  It isn’t easy, but we’re trying to teach our children independence and personal responsibility.

All three of have in the last year or so have had a change in our careers, be it be in our hours, employers or the populations with which we work.  There was a limited amount of complaining by each of us when the new positions were initially meted out by the universe, but it seems now that we have unanimously been able to transition to a positive place professionally.  We’ve landed on our feet.

During our runs, through fields and on rock strewn dirt roads, there’s always some stumbling.  We’ve come to learn and, more importantly, appreciate the obstacles which threaten to trip us up occasionally.  How we recover from that which threatens our balance has become an opportunity to exercise our strength.

 I’m already looking forward to November’s Frost Moon and run.


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