See you all in July…

The epic Lilly family vacation to Tuscany and London begins this afternoon with a road trip to JFK.  From there we fly to London and then continue (with an airport change) to Pisa.  We should be settled into our villa by Saturday afternoon, EST, which means approximately 24 hours of traveling.  It will all be worth it when we are able to explore this beautiful area and hopefully, it will be an experience which our entire family will never forget. I promise to return with stories, photos and memories to share.

And, just in case you forgot why we were taking this wonderful trip – please look closely at the photo…can you see the #50?



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2 responses to “See you all in July…

  1. Amy

    Have a wonderful time! I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to hearing all about your trip. I LOVE Italy!

  2. have an amazing time!!! so jealous!!ps – i spoke to my friend in tuscany but they will be away. sorry!!

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