Market Trek

Inspired by my previous post, I decided to blow off Spinning class this morning in favor of a real bike ride outside.  Not one of those 25 milers on my road bike today, though.  Instead I hopped on my old faithful, Trek, and rode to Troy to reap some harvest at the Farmer’s Market.  The ride over was wonderful!  There was a gorgeous breeze blowing in from the Hudson and it felt great to be outside.  Today’s market was in a slightly different location due to today’s Troy Pig Out – River Street, and I really loved this set-up.  Shops were open and the market snaked its way around the monument in a way that led shoppers in a counterclockwise fashion that made seeing everything really easy.  I picked up some lovely things, including peaches, tomatoes, leeks and rainbow beets.  Unfortunately I seemed to  have lost my leeks somewhere on the way home, probably going up the hill on Second Avenue.  I’m sure there is a joke in there just waiting for your creativity.  Oh, well – it gives me a good excuse to ride to another market soon.


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2 responses to “Market Trek

  1. 1. Sometimes women do leek a little with exercise. It's nothing to worry about, though. 2. Those potholes could cause any vehicle to spring a leek.3. The leeky wheel gets the beets?

  2. Well done, Liz! Thanks for taking my bait – and making me laugh.

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