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ridiculous deliciousness from krause’s
Nearly six months after purchasing our tickets, (good thing I bought them way back when – they would cost much more than $425 each right now), Griffin and I are heading to Cali this afternoon.  We’re both looking forward to seeing new sights like Venice Beach and La Jolla, but, in all honesty, I’m most anticipating spending some one-on-one time with my middle guy.  The timing of the trip is perfect and I expect to have some heart-to-heart talks with the boy I birthed who most is most sensitive to changes in his world.
I know that some of you DelSo folks have walked this divorce path before and invite you to share any tips you may have for positive transitions.  It seems fitting that so many changes are happening in my life, and my children’s lives, during a  time of the year devoted to rebirth and sweet treats.  I plan to fully experience and savor both of those spring occurrences and trust that I can help my children to do the same. 

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