All is Good in the Neighborhood!

The All Good Baker folks at The Wine and Dine for the Arts Festival
2012 had begun on a very high note in the DelSo…we’re going to become the new home for Albany’s only farm to baker, All Good Bakers.  Local, sustainable and fresh pretty much sums up their creed and the photos below offer a glimpse of how good those adjectives look when in the Fosters’ capable hands. I can’t wait to finally have an opportunity to get really familiar with all the good things created by All Good Bakers.  If that crazy delicious grilled cheese on their sourdough that I sampled at the Food and Wine Fest is any indication of what local, sustainable and fresh tastes like, well…I may want to hold on to some of my more generously cut jeans…



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2 responses to “All is Good in the Neighborhood!

  1. their grilled cheese was one of the best things at the whole event.

  2. It is all awesome. You are gonna lone having them in the neighborhood.

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