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DelSo – the word, the blog, the map

image: maps.yahoo.com

About three years ago, I looked around the neighborhood where I had been living for 12+ years and realized that things were happening, exciting things.  Our “Main Street,” Delaware Avenue, was getting an overhaul, complete with sidewalks, crosswalks and new lighting, and things were looking good.  New businesses were opening and we had some great new neighbors who had moved in.  In a burst of inspiration, I thought that our neighborhood needed a community voice, and a name, and DelSo, aka DELaware Avenue SOuth was born.

Although I had originally perceived the blog as place where multiple writers could contribute, things never developed that way.  It was just me.  I wrote about events in my neighborhood, my city and the greater Capital Region.  I started to grow a little following and writing increasingly became an outlet for my creative side, as well as a justification for my happy hour research.  Things were fun.

In the fall of 2010, DelSo’s focus turned increasingly more personal.  I began to write more about relationships, emotions, and life’s winding road.  My DelSo friends were incredibly supportive during this difficult time and my blog stood up to the challenges of an intense, up close focus.  Because of DelSo, I’ve lost some friends who were uncomfortable with things I had to say.   I’ve also met people, people I can not imagine not knowing, who came to know me through my writing and now hold an important place in my new life.

DelSo has become increasingly used as the term for our neighborhood and I couldn’t be more pleased.  We’ve got some awesome new businesses (I’m talking about you, All Good Bakers, Mingle and The Cheese Traveler) and I love that they’re using the term DelSo in their advertising.  A friend pointed out that Google maps includes DelSo as a neighborhood, which is remarkably cool and this little made up word of mine has taken on meaning.  Wow.

So – to those of you new to my blog, welcome.  Be prepared for posts about anything and everything.  For my faithful DelSo friends, please bear with me as I migrate from my original Blogger site to my new(ish) WordPress spot.  I’ll try to remember to post in both places until I’m completely moved in here, but please feel free to follow this site.  You never know what will happen next, but I know you don’t want to miss it.


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