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Burgers Marketgarden at the Ruopp Farm

Flowers and fruit


I’ve been going to my friend Will’s place a couple of times a week for what I like to call “water therapy.” Driving home from his house in Schenectady County has provided some new opportunities to try places I haven’t made it to in the past.  (Watch for an upcoming post about a fantastic pizza place in Troy, as an example.)  Recently, I indulged my curiosity about a farm stand on Route 7 that has always looked intriguing as I drove past.   Often, by the time I’m pickled and pruned from being at Will’s, the farm stand is closed, but it was my lucky day and the Open sign was still on display.  I pulled in.

Now, the small “stand” roadside isn’t really in use so be ready to drive in and around to the back to where the greenhouses and large farm stand reside.  Also, be prepared to be blown away by the variety and quality of locally grown fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers which you will encounter.  I imagine my excitement was akin to the way folks feel at places like Trader Joe’s, albeit on a much smaller (and local!) scale.  For me,  it was like discovering a new universe of colors and shapes and anticipated flavors.  Summer’s bounty – all on display!

So many varieties of tomatoes.

I spent a little time talking with a family member about the fields (which are located beside the Mohawk River), where they grow much of their produce, their greenhouses, the challenges of running a small business, and the variety of plants and produce they grow.  Seriously, I could have spent a day there talking and roaming around the property – it was fascinating.  But, there was produce to be eaten and enjoyed, so I went on my way, a few dollars lighter, yet filled with the knowledge there are real people growing real food.  Isn’t August the best?  P.S. – If you can’t make it out to Route 7, the Burgers vend at the Empire State Plaza’s Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays.  Get there!!

Yellow flesh watermelon!



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