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DeFazio’s Pizza

A classic joint

One of the things that makes late summer bittersweet is the realization that all of those things one hoped to experience over the leisurely days of July and August are not possible to squeeze in.  We give it our best with a flurry of road trips to Zoom Flume, the NYS Fair, visits with friends near and far, but there are always a couple of items that must remain on the list of things to do.

Happily enough, DeFazio’s in Troy is not one of those not yet to be enjoyed treats.  We went.  We ate.  We loved!

I’ve heard about this place over the years, but just don’t find myself in Troy very often.   I believe that needs to change because this place is terrific!  Plus, we didn’t have a chance to check out the retail store, which I hear is great.  Here’s what we did have:

An antipasto ($9.95) with canned Italian tuna.  It was huge and literally provided me with three meals.  And that Fontina cheese – yum!

A small pizza with house made sausage and fresh spinach ($12.95):

There was also a large pizza, half pepperoni, which the boys inhaled so fast that a photo was not captured.  We ate our meal al fresco because dammit it’s summer and this is upstate New York – you take  it when you get it.  The service was friendly and capable and we thoroughly enjoyed every morsel.  Thank you, DeFazio’s, for  proving that quality pizza can be had north of the GW Bridge.


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