Fahy for Assembly

I can’t vote for her, but you really should pull the lever next to Patricia Fahy’s name if you’re lucky enough to have it on your ballot.  I’ve known Pat since our children attended daycare together and I’ve witnessed the energy and intelligence she brings to each task to which she devotes herself and believe she will do a great job in the Assembly.

I supported Pat during her tenure on the Albany City School District Board of Education and sincerely believe that the facilities our city’s children have available to them come in no small part as the result of Pat Fahy’s tireless work on their behalf.  She has inspired me to volunteer and become involved over the years, and I happily spent time canvassing for her despite her absence from the ballot I will be confronted with on primary day. (Primary Day, which incidentally will be a Thursday this year rather than the usual Tuesday.)

Pat has collected endorsements from many outstanding individuals, organizations and groups and is in an excellent position to serve the new 109th District with a desirable blend of experience, familiarity and independence.  As the TU Editorial Board so succinctly expressed she: “…brings the right mix of experience and understanding of the issues…”

If you’re undecided, please do me, as well as yourself, a favor and support the candidacy of a women who will work on the behalf of all her constituents on issues which involve health and wellness, jobs, ethics, the environment and human and civil rights.  Use your voice and vote!


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