My first 10K or, I run for donuts


On a recent morning that could only be described as glorious, I ran my first 10K.  Slowly.  I was kind of nervous about it since my body has continued to feel uncomfortable (polite euphemism for pain) from my tailbone/glute issues, and I really wanted to run the entire 10K even though there was a 5K option that was very popular.  I felt the need to challenge myself with a new official distance due to my opting out on participating for the second time in the American Memorial Sprint Triathlon in my hometown, Greenwood Lake, N.Y.  It was a difficult decision to make but the triathlon was beginning to feel more like an obligation than a fun event because I knew the week following the Sunday race was going to be intensely busy with 3 Wine Bar shifts and a SEEN gig.  I’m really trying to be conscious of how much I load on my plate, in so many ways.

During the race, I continually had to remind myself to slow down during the first 3 or 4 miles because I was concerned that I would burn through my reserves too quickly and have nothing left with which to finish.  It was a good plan and it worked.  I didn’t run particularly fast (avg mile was 9:35), but I finished strong and my endorphins were kicking.  The race was extremely well-organized and everyone involved was friendly and indulgent as I shot pics for the TU’s SEEN gallery.  And, now that I have this one under my belt, look what I’m doing next month!  I’m hoping my butt issues will be resolved by then and I’ll finish a bit faster.  I’ll let you know how it goes.



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3 responses to “My first 10K or, I run for donuts

  1. Color me very impressed. I can’t match your average speed while struggling through 5k.

  2. Really? I don’t feel like I’ve been running very fast recently, but have consoled myself with reaching for distances. Did you get a 5K in yet?

    • I had some knee issues this summer that set me back a little bit. Saw a physical therapist a few times and it seems to be much better. Not 100% but much better. Last week, I had a 5k milestone. I jogged 5k for the first time outside of a gym. So on roads with a few pretty steep hills without stopping or walking. I think I’m ready to register for a race. I’ve got my eye on the Crossings but I might be busy that weekend. Still not sure. There’s no logical reason for it – especially since I’ll probably give it away – but I really, really want a 5k race shirt. If I can’t make the Crossings I’ll look for another race. Turkey Trots sound fun, but I’ll be cooking dinner. You ran in a December one that looked good too.

      As far as your running, hell yeah I’m impressed. You run, I kind of jog. To give you a speed frame of reference, while I huffed and puffed across my imaginary 5k finish line last week, you would have been almost a mile ahead of me.

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