I don’t know Pho, but Yum!

More rolls, please!

Early in the summer I had a craving for an inexpensive, light lunch and remembered that Linh Diep from My Linh, had opened a place right in the area I happened to be.  I am a huge fan of the simple fresh flavors of Vietnamese food, although I can’t claim a wealth of experience or knowledge of the cuisine.  One of my favorite quick meals is a fresh summer roll from Kinnaree.  I love the soft rice paper roll filled with chilled shrimp, basil and crunchy sprouts – especially when I dredge through some of that delicious peanut sauce.  Oh, yes, good stuff!

That day in June I found a couple of things I really like at Pho Yum, one being a friend whose familiarity with Asian food far exceeds my own enjoying lunch, and the other being a terrific example of a fresh summer roll.  Perfectly fresh, beautifully presented and exactly what I was looking for in a quick lunch.  I knew I needed to get back there to sample more of the menu.  The opportunity presented itself as summer, sadly enough, drew to a close when three of us, post-pedicures, stopped in for a tasty lunch.

A sandwich I feel good eating

Linh was on premises, as I imagine she often is, and she came to our assistance as we perused the menu.  We ultimately went with a couple of summer rolls, (because I can’t imagine not ordering those) two versions of pho and a banh mi, all washed down with beautiful rich and creamy iced Vietnamese coffee.  Everything we ate was balanced and perfectly seasoned.  The food was hot, temperature-wise,  and able to be spiced to individual preference.  And fresh, remarkably fresh, as a matter of fact.  Our server was sweet as she struggled with English, but still served us with grace and competence.  There were no complaints, only happy sighs at our table and I very much look forward to getting back there as the season turns .  I imagine pho must be one of the great comfort foods of a cold winter and I hope to warm up with the version that Pho Yum offers.

Addictive coffee

A note about complaints: it seems as if some of the Yelp reviews take issue with the pricing of what it essentially “street food.”  I found our lunch for three to be very reasonably priced for the quality and quantity of food we were served.  It is naive to think that “street food,” when served in a storefront, sit-down restaurant, complete with utility bills, dishwashers, servers and linens can compete pricewise with a menu served from a truck or cart.  Come on, people, you know that.



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3 responses to “I don’t know Pho, but Yum!

  1. Linda Fox

    Cam on! Toi yeu pho. Next time see if they
    have banana leaf salad. Awesome.

  2. Love this place! I’m glad you mentioned the coffee – it’s delicious. It’s hard to make room after a full meal, but I highly recommend trying the sweet rice pudding, too.

    I completely agree with you about the prices – $7.50 for a huge bowl of pho with a protein is a great deal.

  3. If I feel a cold coming on I go here and stick my face in a big bowl of pho. It helps.

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