Running for a rider

Last weekend I participated in a fundraiser down in Newburgh, Orange County.  Actually, to be specific, it was at Orange County Choppers, which was pretty darn cool.   I registered for this race last month when I was still high off of the endorphins from my first 10 K, so, naturally I went with the 10 k option instead of the mere 5 k.  You know I’m a glutton, right?

As the event got closer, I began to regret my commitment to push myself.  Why couldn’t I have simply done the 5k, especially with the wet weather predicted?  I read and re-read the description of the course as “moderately challenging” and wondered exactly what I was getting myself into… But, I had made the commitment, so the night before the run I consoled myself with a big bowl of pasta, thoroughly enjoyed under the guise of “carb loading.”

Despite the weather being a complete pissing rain on Friday, the forecast for Saturday improved from showers to partial sun and mild temperatures.  What actually transpired though, was blazing sunshine and unexpected warmth.  It was an absolutely spectacular day and a good cause, so I won’t complain too much, but damn, it was HOT! And that “moderately challenging” course actually translated to a rather long, gradual incline to open the run – with the added bonus of repeating this hill as the 10K course was a rather odd doubling back and out again and back.  Sigh.  Did I mention it was hot?  Like no shade hot?  Yeah.

I had a goal of <60 minutes and I came pretty close to making that goal with a finish time of 1:00:43.  I think I got slowed down a bit by my need for water coupled with my inability to ingest liquid and run simultaneously. It just doesn’t work for me and I always end up choking as the water goes down the wrong pipe, so I walked a bit at each of the 3 water stations at which I availed myself.  I was satisfied with my finish, 8th in my age group, 27th out of 46 overall in the small field of female 10K participants, but will continue striving to meet my sub-60 goal.  Next up – the (r)UNDEAD this Sunday in Saratoga State Park.  Anyone else in?



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3 responses to “Running for a rider

  1. Linda Fox

    The only part I like is the carb loading part.

  2. I have to say that was one of my favorite parts, Linda! Broccoli rabe, lots of garlic, olive oil and ravioli – delicious.

  3. The rUNDEAD sounds fun. My knee has been acting up again. I can go 1.5 to 2 miles and then it hurts. When I stop running, it stops hurting. The engineer in me sees a correlation. I’ve been fighting the urge to just push through it out of fear of damaging the knee. I have another PT appointment tomorrow.

    When all circuits are firing, I can cover the full 5k. The next race I know about that I think I can attend (and train for) is the Last Run in December. The Turkey Trot looks great but dinner isn’t going to cook itself. So running in the Last Run is my current goal. I’ve got a whole list of goals. The goals seem to be evolving more than getting crossed off the list lately.

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