Happy Halloween!

I don’t know when Halloween became a holiday for adults, or more specifically for women to wear to trampy costumes, but I finally found an event that combined Zombies, running and charity – the rUNDEAD 5k in Saratoga State Park.  This inaugural trail run race was held last Sunday morning, with proceeds benefiting the Special Olympics.  I had a blast dodging zombies on the beautiful, but challenging trails through the scenic park where I originally fell in love with running on dirt and grass.  So much fun!

The recent rains (even Pre-Sandy) had added a degree of peril to the leaf-strewn trails and I saw a number of runners go down as their feet either found a hidden tree root or trail dip, or simply lost their grip on wet leaves.  Ooohhh!  Scary!  The volunteer zombie army, staked out along the course, was awesome – full of fun as they devoured lives in the form of flags hanging from participant’s belts.  Runners who made it to the finish line with at least a single flag were considered survivors and it was great to watch runners and zombies face off at the finish line.

I ran the race without a belt and flags, but I did bring my camera.  Here’s my SEEN gallery – check out the pics for a safe look at zombies!



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