Although we didn’t get to it until the very last possible weekend of the month, October’s Bon Appetit recipe of the month did finally get prepared, with modification.  Griffin selected this recipe and naturally, I shopped and prepared the dish, omitting the gremolata and skipping the polenta in favor of the more mundane, but crowd pleasing, mashed potatoes.  I’ve done a gremolata before (with a beef roast) and I really like the way the brightness of the citrus and herbs contrasts with the earthiness of meat, but, honestly, it would have been lost on the boys.

We went with 4 lamb shanks which gave us plenty of lamb-y goodness, as well as leftovers for a bit of lamb stew.  I ordered the shanks from Falvo’s ($6.50 lb) and they were great – meaty, nicely trimmed and tasty.  The recipe calls for a rub of crushed fennel seeds, garlic, rosemary and salt and pepper and G’s contribution to the meal was harvesting the rosemary from the still kicking herb garden.  Wow – couldn’t have done it without him!

The lamb shanks were rather large and I had to divide them up into 2 pans.  I always knew that buying that second Le Creuset was a sound investment!  I roasted these bad boys until the lamb was literally falling from the bones, which was pretty close to two hours.  I think I would have preferred the tomato based sauce to be thicker and would definitely consider adding additional vegetables beyond the onions and garlic called for in the recipe – maybe some carrots or other root vegetables.  This is a wonderful dish for entertaining and guarantees a home filled with fragrant deliciousness.  Winner.


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  1. We haven’t picked for November yet. I might take the month off with some travel and Thanksgiving. But October had puff pastry pinwheels and a clam and pasta dish. Thanks for the idea.

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