Don’t fence me in

Running around my neighborhood and the Whitehall Road area, I notice things.  It is amazing how no two runs are exactly the same because there’s always something new or different to mentally note.  We’ve been so fortunate that all of the additions (The Cheese Traveler, All Good Bakers, the newish branch of the public library, etc) have been positive, but there are two fairly recent changes that I’m not too keen about. Fences and walls have come down (in one case only partially), and it looks pretty crappy.  Let’s talk.

The first wall that fell, and which has continued to fall, brick-by-brick, for the past year or so, faces Delaware Ave, in front of that little shopping plaza.  The sole positive thing I can say about this wall, which seemingly is being nocturnally deconstructed, one brick at a time, is that it distracts the eye from the hideousness that is the former Friendly’s, vacant for at least the length of my youngest child’s life.  This low wall seems to be speeding up in its artificial “decay” and while the situation has been noted, as evidenced by orange plastic fencing and sawhorse barrier things, there doesn’t appear to be any real course of action planned since the thing just keeps getting smaller.  And uglier.  What’s up with that?

The other barrier which no longer exists in its entirety, is the chain link fence at the end of Arcadia which borders the western edge VFW parking lot.  You’d think I’d be happy to see this one, which prompted a trip to the ER from a failed attempt at scaling it, go, but I’m not liking it.  The metal chain link material has been removed leaving behind only the poles to which it was once affixed.  I don’t know if the plan is to replace the fencing or leave it permanently removed, but I’m really hoping it is the former because I don’t like the idea of people cutting through there for quick access to my neighborhood.  You see, my neighborhood is a destination, not a mere short cut, a condition which was addressed decades ago when the shortcut from Whitehall Rd. to Delaware Avenue was eliminated.  I like the fact that it takes a little effort to get my street (a minimum of two turns depending upon approach) and would prefer that it not be accessible by a walk through a parking lot.

So, I’m wondering if any of you have some idea about what is going on? I mean, I like to think that the DelSo neighborhood is welcoming, without limits or restrictions, but some barriers are certainly meant to remain.  Who do I need to call for some answers?



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2 responses to “Don’t fence me in

  1. Elizabeth

    Maybe call the Delaware Ave Codes Officer?According to the DANA newsletter her name is Amisha Gomes. 414-8986. If she needs volunteers to demo that Friendly’s, I’m in.

  2. The Friendly’s is reportedly filled w/ asbestos, that’s why no one wants to touch it. Serious eyesore. That brick wall bugs me every day!! I’ve seen surveyors at it twice, once recently. But nothing ever seems to get done. That’s not like our neighborhood! Let’s rally some action.

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