Red Cross benefit to assist victims of Superstorm Sandy

Steve Barnes’ lovely opening course

I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to shoot a TU SEEN gallery this week at  Yono’s Restaurant in downtown Albany.  I think you know about my love for the Purnomo family, as well as my sincere admiration for all the good work they do for our community, and this event was a fine example of how they inspire the restaurant industry to so generously give to those in need.  My intent with these photos was to capture the army that works behind those swinging doors, and I only wish I had more pictures of the kitchen professionals who came together to provide a memorable meal for an excellent cause.  If you have any experience inside a kitchen, you know two things – 1. taking photos is challenging in the tight space and intense action of a kitchen in full swing and 2. chefs enjoy working behind the scenes, not necessarily in front of a camera (Food Network folks, aside.)

It was a special night and I was happy to be able to witness the benevolence of our Albany community.  Check out Steve Barnes’ post about the night –  his starter course was killer!


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