I started writing a post the other day about all the gifts with which I have been blessed.  I ran out of time and inspiration and figured it was just going to end up an incompleted draft.  I was fine with that – it certainly wouldn’t be alone in the “Notes” folder on my iPad.

On Thanksgiving morning, the boys and I went to NYC on the 7:05 train. The morning was a bit arduous.  I slept a little later than I would have liked and the boys were not moving with a detectable sense of urgency.  It was stressful to wrangle them, getting in 3 showers and 4 bagels and 2 sliced oranges and 1 cup of coffee for the road, but we did it.  Once my butt hit the seat on Amtrak, I exhaled and committed to enjoying the day.

When we arrived in Manhattan we walked to our hotel in Chelsea from Penn Station,  ditched our luggage and then spent the next 5 hours walking.  We walked uptown to see some of the parade and then continued to Times Square and over to 10th Avenue.  We went down the west side to the High Line to Houston to SoHo to Chinatown, where we feasted on Peking Duck, scallion pancakes and soup dumplings.

After our untraditional Thanksgiving meal, we walked to Little Italy for cannoli and cookies and then finally, with bellies full, we caught a cab back to 28th Street.  We kicked our shoes off and turned on the Dallas game, just like any other Thanksgiving Day, and I revisited that piece of writing begun a day earlier.  I immediately was struck by the realization that each one of the characteristics I recognized in myself were also present in my boys.

  • Love – for one another and family, for the adventure of travel, for good food
  • Independence – watching my boys walk with comfortable confidence in NYC fills my heart with satisfaction*
  • Patience – the boys indulge my lack of a distinct plan with the knowledge that the payoff will be worth the effort.
  • Curiosity – our walk was filled with questions, about different neighborhoods and particular buildings, NYC events and history
  • Physical strength – these boys of mine easily walked 75 blocks without (much) complaint, pretty impressive.

Photo by Quinn Lilly

I am truly thankful for the fabulous Lilly boys.

*More on this theme in a future post – all I can say is “Wow!”



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2 responses to “Thankful

  1. kolet

    tears in my eyes not only for sweet, sweet, sweet post regarding your relationship with your “boys” (they look like grown men to me, (bittersweet mama sigh) but for doing it in my city which I miss and love. That’s what is so great about NYC, it demands curiosity, independence and spontaneity and isn’t that always in style:)

  2. I love that the Lilly boy/men love the city as much as we do! Makes for a very fun time, my friend.

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