Full moon run – at last!

Months after I first aspired to it, I finally found someone available and willing to take a longish full moon run. We got lucky with the weather as well as the brightness of the moon and had an inspiring,  awesome run.  Let me share the experience and challenging route we mostly enjoyed.

We left my place in the  DelSo, headlamps alit, and went south down Delaware Avenue headed towards  the Normanskill via the yellow brick road.  Now, in the dark, this “road” is treacherously uneven, but we were in it for the moment, not necessarily the number of minutes.  At the bottom of the hill we picked up the dirt road which led us to a transformer station.  We hung a right there and ran along the perimeter of the large grassy field, a path I’ve only done in the opposite direction.  After orienting myself, we picked up the trail to the back nine at Albany Muni – naturally in the hardest uphill part.  Thank goodness we were reasonably “fresh” because this is a really intense series of hills and we were pretty satisfied later when we looked back at our pace, a respectable 6.15 mph.

After a quick pitstop at the Clubhouse, we made our way to New Scotland Ave, and eventually to Whitehall Road which brought us back to my house.  All told, it was close to 5.6 miles and it was everything I had imagined it would be.  And I can’t wait to hit it again.  Who’s in?  P.S. I strongly recommend timing this run for the evening before one’s monthly massage appointment.  My calves and quads appreciated the tiger balm rub down much more than the uphill pieces of the run.  Just trying to keep all of me happy!


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