12 Days of Christmas ~ Dining DelSo

ImageOn the third day of Christmas, I somehow ended up with three boys who are in complete disagreement about cheese preferences.  My oldest son will sit on the couch with a hunk of cheddar and go to town, while my middle guy will only eat soft Italian cheeses like mascarpone or ricotta, preferably sweetened.  And the little guy?  Sadly enough, I have not yet happened upon the cheese that will ring his bell.  The good news?  I now have a resource in my very neighborhood where I can sample a seemingly unlimited array of cheeses – The Cheese Traveler!

I  have to admit, I’m a little overwhelmed by  the unfamiliar when I walk through their bright red doors, but Eric’s knowledge, and generosity when it comes to tasting, can easily reduce the panic caused by so much wonderful cheese goodness!  My favorite cheese to share with the special folks in my life, is the dolce gorgonzola.  Fragrant and a bit funky, it is perfect for snacking with like-minded people.  So creamy!  So rich!!

In addition to cheeses, there are enough other great, thoughtfully sourced products, like Tilldale Farm organic meat, and sundry items like cool pickled things, and fancy salts.  It was this broad array of gourmet and everyday items that convinced me it was the place to get my massage therapist’s holiday gift certificate this year.  There truly is something for everyone there – well maybe not for you gluten-free, vegans…just kidding!  I’m sure there’s something at the Cheese Traveler’s for  all. Even that child of mine who won’t eat cheese.


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