12 days of Christmas ~ Dining Delso

DSC_0034The 5th day of Christmas just might be the perfect time for you to get down with a lovely Italian Christmas tradition.  You know, the Christmas Eve feast of Seven Fishes?   I mean, a girl has to start somewhere and the Fish Fry zone on Delaware is a fine place to begin satisfying the need for some of those good for you fish nutrients.  Admittedly, when it comes to the Fish Fry I’m an infrequent indulger, but don’t let my insanity sway you.   I just don’t eat a lot of fried food ever since I successfully brainwashed convinced myself that I just don’t enjoy foods which have been prepared by being submerged in bubbling oil. Once in a while, though, the appeal of fish and chips is undeniable.  Let’s blame it on my Irish heritage, shall we?  When the lure (ha!) of crispy fish is overwhelming, my favorite spot to indulge is at Ted’s on Wolf Road – so deliciously perfect, but now there is a spot in the DelSo which will satisfy in a pinch – The Fish Fry Zone.

My oldest son has Irish sensibilities when it comes to food.  Give that boy some potatoes and fried fish and he’s a happy lad.  It was his request that we order fish fries for dinner recently, and we gave our local place some love by getting takeout to be enjoyed at home.  (Disclaimer: I personally did not order a meal for myself – see above for reasons for self-denial.)  Liam had the standard fish and fries combo and, judging from the speed of consumption, thoroughly enjoyed his dinner.  The breading appeared to be the ideal ratio of crunch to tender, the fish was white and mildly aromatic and the portion was appropriate.  My non-fish eaters went with chicken wings which were equally well-received.  The woman who took our order was incredibly pleasant and the shop was tidy and clean.

Ted’s might be my ultimate favorite, but it’s nice to know that a well prepared fish fry can be had right in the neighborhood.  We’ll definitely be back.


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