12 Days of Christmas ~ Dining DelSo

DSC_0003On the seventh day, God rested, right?  Well, on the 7th day of Christmas, so did I – at Mingle, that is.  Here’s how it went down… Following a fun run and a delicious cocktail, I knew I needed to get back to the DelSo, park my car for the night and walk somewhere to continue drinking the evening’s repast.  Mingle was the perfect spot for so many reasons – proximity, menu options, and comfort level, just for openers.  Lisa and I found our way to the bar (amazing how adept at that we are!) and settled in with bartender, Dave (David?), taking good care of us.  After a perusal of the menu, we made our choices: small Caesar salad for me, followed by the Tuna Un-Hui and dumplings and the bibimbap for Lisa.  I went with a glass (eventually 2) of Gruner-Veltliner, which was the perfect accompaniment to both of my courses.  To finish, I did my best to consume an amazing orange-scented tiramisu, with a lovely glass of tawny port on the side. God, I love port!  Without exception, our meal was terrific. I loved my tuna and Lisa’s beef dish, (the leftovers which, much to her regret, she forgot in my fridge!) was wonderful.  The seasonings were perfectly balanced in terms of their aggressiveness and the portions were generous without being silly big.  Dave was knowledgeable without being overbearing, Jose checked in on us for a chat and the dining room looked to be running like a fine-tuned machine.  As an aside, I absolutely love the relationships that have grown between the neighboring businesses on this little strip of Delaware Avenue and think it is a true community model.

Ah…the perfect Saturday came to a lovely conclusion and the seventh day of Christmas dining DelSo brought gifts to be enjoyed all year long.

My tuna!

My tuna!

As I captioned this on instagram - "This is why I run!"

As I captioned this on instagram – “This is why I run!”


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