From tepid to hot to steamy

In my attempt to recreate last year’s Christmas in the desert, I bought myself a week’s worth of unlimited yoga classes at the Hot Yoga Spot in Stuyvesant Plaza.  I’d heard good things about this studio and was excited to sample as many classes as possible during my holiday break and for $25, it was a lot less expensive than a plane ticket to Palm Springs.

My first class, Hot Core Flow, taken on Christmas Eve, left me cold.  It started a bit late, the studio was a disorganized arrangement of mats, someone’s phone chimed and there were a lot more pre-class conversations than I’m accustomed to.  I had remembered to bring a hand towel to blot my face and other sweaty parts, a forethought that turned out to be completely unnecessary since I never really got that hot.  Meh.

Two days later I went back for the Runner’s Yoga class and was much more satisfied with the experience.  The class was well-paced, the directions were explicit and I definitely felt limber and stretched afterwards. There were only a handful of participants and the instructor, Aaron, offered plenty of personal attention and  corrections.  During shavasana, he coaxed my shoulders to the floor from their upwardly curled position and I felt myself dissolve into the floor when he stroked my face.  I had actually hoped to follow the class with a run, but I worked so hard  in the class that I  made myself a little nauseous – winning!

Yesterday afternoon I headed back for another Hot Core Flow with a different instructor  and I really got my ass kicked.  This class was crowded, but somehow didn’t bother me the way my first class had. Maybe it was the fact that I saw some familiar faces?  Regardless, we all squeezed in and got to work – and I do mean work, I was positively dripping wet when class finished.  The flows were challenging, requiring focus and strength.  There were definite moments when I doubted my capacity to finish the class, or even my ability to complete holding a position for the number of breaths we were attempting. Yikes!  Again, I had imagined a run following this class, but all I could do upon arriving home was strip, shower and eat – I had nothing left.

My hope is to get back for one more class over the weekend, perhaps with yet another instructor.  Overall, the experience has been super and if time and budget allowed, I would definitely avail myself of the Hot Yoga Spot with great frequency.  I’m going to attempt to take that Friday class on weeks when I don’t work and during the summer I’ll try to get there as often as possible.  If you haven’t been there before, I highly recommend the $25 deal.  It is a wonderful value and you deserve it!  Namaste, my friend.


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