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Comings and goings

Do you ever wonder why certain people enter our lives?  The whole timing of the introduction of individuals, the circles overlapping for some random length of time, interests me and makes me wonder why some people come and stay, others come and are gone, and still others come and go repeatedly. What does it mean?  Is it a lesson about ourselves or an opportunity to learn about, and from, others? And when, if ever, do questions like this get answered?

Although I have a core group of friends who have been along for the ride for 30+ years, I remain open to meeting new people.  The various spheres of my life;  mom, educator, server, writer, photographer, expose me to potential friends every single day, just as I imagine you must be in your own lives.  Why is it that some of these potential friends have an impact upon us while others make not a mark?

Someone once blew through my life at a speed that can only be described as Ferrari fast.  The surprise of his attentions, and the pleasure they prompted in me, left me feeling conflicted.  My heart was firmly in the hands of another, yet I felt an interest in this person that I found puzzling.  Why now?  Was the appearance of this person a message to be deciphered?  What was the lesson?

The message I ultimately chose to embrace was that my heart has a limitless capacity for love.  I knew that the one who held my heart was perfect for me, yet, I also knew that if things did not go as hoped, I would still ultimately be happy.  I believe that sometimes those people who pass through our lives like shooting stars, do so not to show us what we’re missing, but more to remind us of what we have.


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