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Cross country love


Trails beckon…

Despite the fact that the conditions were dangerously icy yesterday and I fell multiple times, jamming my thumb really hard once and landing on my ass hard enough to create a bruise that I almost felt compelled to name, I absolutely LOVE cross-country skiing.  If you haven’t given it a try because you mistakenly believe it to be for old, slow people, you, my friend, are sadly mistaken.  We’re at the point where we need a new snowfall to get the conditions back to where they had been for the past couple of weeks, but my own skis are in my car for the duration.  There is no better time to be had than tooling around Albany Muni Capital Hills with a couple of friends and a flask filled with homemade limoncello.  That is upstate winter living at its finest!

View from this lower trail

View from a lower trail

Snow goddesses abound!

Snow goddesses abound!

Spectacular sunsets, too!

Spectacular sunsets, too!


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I ran (so far away) – 2012 race summary

photo(89)My goal for 2012 was to run one organized race or run per month and, if we take the number of races I ran and divide them by twelve, I accomplished my mission.  As I removed my race numbers from my bulletin board, I arranged them, as any borderline obsessive would, in chronological order and noted a couple of things:

  •      I didn’t get a bib at last year’s (1/1/2012) Hangover Half/3.5, but I do remember running it.
  •      There wasn’t a race in February or July that worked for my schedule but I did run two in June, two in October and two in December.
  •      My fastest 5k time was 24:28 in the Treetops to Rooftops race in June.  What can I say?  It’s flat.
  •      I never imagined I would push myself to 10k as a distance, but I did register for, and complete, two 10ks in 2012.  Woohoo!!  I guess the 15k Stockadathon should be my new challenge?
  •      Albany’s Last Run is near and dear to my heart.  Anytime I can run through Washington Park in the dark and feel comfortable and festive is a good time.

So, it’s a new year…what’s next?  Well,  I’ve got some different goals this year and, guess what?  They’re not all about faster and further.  Instead, I’m planning  to shift the focus to pleasure and enjoying the scenery.  I’m practically delirious by the thought of running in Amsterdam for the first time in 20+ years and hope to run in at least 5 countries this year.  Yes, five!  I’ll do my best to hit 15-20 miles a week and, as long as there is snow, feel free to mix it up by indulging in my love of cross-country skiing without guilt.  Actually, without guilt, and with enjoyment, is my ultimate goal for 2013.  How about you?

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