8 reasons why Quinn is cooler than (most) other 8 y/o’s:

  1. He knows the difference between the Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys. Bonus: He prefers the Beasties!
  2. His sense of humor is sophisticated and constant – and (more than) occasionally inappropriate.  His brothers and parents are probably equally to blame.
  3. He has seen every single James Bond movie and can tell you which actor played 007 in each.  For the record, he’s a Roger Moore fan.
  4. He asks awesome questions .  For instance: “How old would the Wright Brothers be if they were still alive?” and ” Who is the one who made up shoes?”
  5. His taste in music far exceeds his age and he has favorite songs by a diverse range of bands including the Rolling Stones, the Black Keys and Foster the People.
  6. He still gives me kisses, holds my hand and tells me he loves me.  That makes for one sweet boy.
  7. Speaking of sweet, he shares his thoughts freely.  My most recent favorite thing he said: “Mom, your lips taste like cupcakes.”
  8. His interest in history, people and places is kind of exhausting, but the sincerity of his curiosity never fails to charm.

    Happy 8th birthday to Quinn Padraig! The world would be incomplete without him.



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