Money for something and clicks for free


Something kind of monumental happened in my life the first month of this calendar year.  A goal I had imagined in only the most vague manners,  was realized in a way that was completely unexpected. I’ll tell you all about it, but first, let me share some background.

When I first got on the Facebook*, I said something in my profile about wanting to be a writer/photographer some day.  I’ve always envisioned writing a stupendous book – sort of based upon my own life experiences, but fictionalized a bit to make it a bit more believable.  Side note: there have been occasions when I’ve described facets of my personal and family history to my therapist friends when I became concerned with their ability to accept my experiences as truthful.  Anyway…

After I started blogging at DelSo, I slowly began to identify as a writer in a more meaningful way.  I began to believe it.  On occasion, I even said the words aloud.  With witnesses.  I  was given the opportunity to occasionally take some photos for the Times Union’s website and, for a year or so, I contributed to a group blog on their site, Vinoteca.  So, things were kind of starting to move in the direction towards my ever-so-lofty, yet completely undefined, goal of being a writer and photographer.

Last month I was presented with an opportunity to write for a different TU blog and, bonus, this writing gig actually comes with a paycheck!  Now, before you plan how to help me spend my newfound income, it isn’t much, barely enough to cover my milk bill and cable bills, but it is a step in an exciting new direction for me.  The blog is called Moms@Work and I hope that you’ll consider reading me over there, too.  My first post goes live next Monday, 2/18,  and I’ll be posting 1 or 2 pieces per week, as well as having an article in alternating print editions of the magazine.  I also recently sold an individual picture to the Times Union and they used it online and in their print edition, as well – another first.  By the way, the photo wasn’t exceptional for composition, it was more a matter of being in the right place at the right time, but it was definitely a money shot.

Now, friends, no worries – I’ll still be here (over)sharing and spewing my guts, but, imagine – I’m going to be paid to write.  Yeah, the future is now!

*doesn’t it sound so funny when the article “the” is added???



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4 responses to “Money for something and clicks for free

  1. Yay!!! I can say I knew you when.

  2. So happy for you. You are a fine seeker and writer of life.

  3. Jackie Webster

    You were born to write….I am so excited for you.

  4. Thanks everyone! It is definitely a dream come true.
    @Mary – That might be my new favorite epithet! Thank you.

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