16 Shades of Liam

DSC_0188That man-boy of mine will probably never cease to amaze me.  Out of all of my children, Liam is the one who takes me most by surprise.  From his premature birth to the fact that he was a boy instead of the girl I had blindly expected using my underdeveloped maternal instincts, he always has been a bit unpredictable.

In recognition of his sixteenth birthday, please allow me to present sixteen characteristics of Liam which cause him to be anything but grey…

  1. When we shop, he automatically carries my bags.
  2. He loves opera.
  3. And NASCAR.
  4. He lacks artifice which can be awkward or charming depending upon the circumstances.
  5. His experiences have shaped him into a wonderful travel companion
  6. When faced with options for dining he will always choose fish.  Unless its tuna.
  7. His worlds collided recently when the Daytona 500 and the Academy Awards both aired on the same day.
  8. He is always responsible for the luggage check because I reliably lose it.
  9. When he doesn’t know something he enthusiastically makes shit up, a tendency shared with the teenaged version of my brother.
  10. His familiarity with the world’s airports is impressive.  Who says you don’t learn anything from video games?
  11. He has perfect attendance.
  12. Always rely on him for navigation, subways included.  His sense of direction is remarkably accurate.
  13. His ADD no longer demands pharmaceutical attention daily as he develops his own techniques for dealing with all that unfocused mental energy.
  14. He has been deeply influenced by both of his grandmothers.
  15. His sense of humor is a blend of subtle and slapstick.
  16. He has spent the last sixteen years somewhat patiently teaching me how to be a mom.

Happy birthday, to my oldest son.  Thank you for being exactly you!



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3 responses to “16 Shades of Liam

  1. That was lovely! Happy birthday to your Liam 🙂

  2. happy birthday Liam! we’re kinder pisces spirits xo

  3. Liam is a national treasure!

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