Gloves are hand tissues and other confessions from a winter runner

IMG_1764I’m not the only one who uses my gloves to catch the drips from my nose during a cold run, am I?  Don’t leave me hanging out here, runner friends!  It’s not like I blow my nose with my favorite striped gloves, I save that for the hem of shirt, but in the winter when I run, so does my nose. C’est la vie.

Winter 2011/12 was most definitely the winter that wasn’t.  I managed to continue running outdoors during those crazy mild months, but I wasn’t certain the story would remain the same during a more typical upstate New York winter.  This year, the case has been proven – I am a four season runner and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Running in the cold means slowing down, because of both the tightness of my muscles and the potential dangers of the terrain.  There are also layers involved.  Sometimes I feel as if I spend as much time suiting up, and eventually stripping down, as I do actually running.  Four layers of UnderArmour certainly keeps a girl warm, but it also occasionally makes me feel as rotund as a Russian doll.  This perception makes me want to run more miles – and consume vodka and caviar.

Often my speed picks up towards the end of my run as the promise of a hot shower nears.  That’s right, I said HOT!  The bliss of finally peeling off my post-run damp second (and third and fourth) skin to step into a steamy hot shower makes all of my efforts a winning investment.  The transition from legs burning, to calories burned, to near scalding shower water is one of my favorite sensations.

As the question of March entering as either a lamb or a lion is thrust at us all with today’s turn of the calendar, I can confidently say it doesn’t matter to me at all.  Either way, I’ll be layering and lacing up and hitting the streets.


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