Notes and observations from the road – Day 1

  • Taking the bus from economy parking became a sobering experience when the driver explained that we would have to get off the bus and wait for the State Police to inspect the bus with their dog, because a previous passenger had left a piece of luggage behind.
  • I’ve flown to Europe many times but don’t recall ever seeing people sleeping with their heads face down on their tray tables. On pillows, of course.
  • Like childbirth, the painfulness of traveling with small children is so quickly forgotten only to be brought back instantly with a witnessed tantrum thrown by an exhausted child.
  • Carry-on luggage is out of hand! I wish the airlines would abide by the rules they claim to have because allowing fellow passengers to cram their huge backpacks into the entire overhead bin is just plain wrong. And obnoxious.
  • The wifi isn’t as impressive as I had imagined, but the dusting of snow we received last night in the Black Forest sure is pretty.

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One response to “Notes and observations from the road – Day 1

  1. blogs/timesunion/marymartin

    I’m loving your observations. Keep us thinking!

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