Dash is done!

photo(116)No, not my commitment to an insane schedule – the Delmar Dash 5 miler.  This was my first race of the year (!) and the longest run I’ve had in nearly 3 weeks.  And that’s longest run out of 2.  The weather on the quick drive over, was silly.  What was sunny and blue in Albany, was cloudy and spitting mixed precipitation on the other side of the Normanskill.  This is not just a figurative statement.  I almost turned around to select some different gear in acknowledgement of the weird weather, but decided ,optimistically, that this too would pass.  It did.

Parking was the usual challenge, but I’ve learned my way around a bit and did fine parking with a few minutes walk of the middle school.  Check-in was smooth and the shirt is awesome, something I never say.  The course is one of the sweetest courses I know and I did ok.  Nothing record-breaking, but I was satisfied with my efforts.  My body is still complaining a little, but I feel like we’ll declare a truce soon enough – and I have a massage Friday to look forward to.  Looks like running season is starting…

Were you there today?  What have you been up to?


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