Hand in Hand Run/Walk

904335_585868714765165_249283840_oLast Sunday I absolved myself for Saturday night’s indulgences by participating in the Hand in Hand Run/Walk down in the Hudson Valley.  Let me be honest with you, I’ll pretty much take any opportunity to visit with friends in the New Paltz area to enjoy some “adults only” time, but the added bonus of a morning race across the Hudson River makes me feel like a winner every time.  This day was no exception.

The race is a fundraiser for programs to support developmentally delayed and disabled children, a cause close to my heart.  Although April has been a recovery sort of month for me in terms of running, I decided to go for the 5 mile run instead of the 5 K option, abiding by my motto of preferring to regret doing something rather than not doing something.  It was a good choice despite the blustery, cold wind that accompanied the portions of the run that involved crossing the river.  Twice.

The course was challenging, but scenic, and the sun was beautiful on the Hudson.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m in close proximity to the majestic Hudson I can’t help but be stunned by how beautiful it truly is.  Imagine being an early explorer and sailing along those waters, in the shadow of the Catskills? Impressive!

This race was an affirmation in every way for me.  After running the Delmar Dash the previous week in a disappointing time, I felt much stronger on Sunday, despite the more challenging terrain of this course.  Seems that partying with the girls, along with a heaping bowl or two of pasta, just might be the best race prep.  I finished 5th in my age group (a small percentage of the participants) with a time of 47:20. Not too shabby.

I’m eyeing a couple of races for May and am particularly excited for SPAC’s Rock and Run on Sunday, May 19th.  They’ve introduced a 10K option for this year and I’m sure the course will be beautiful.   Sounds like more pasta (and another bottle of wine) will be in order.  Who’s in?


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