Getting ramped up

Although I generally avoid trends, thinking them to be too cliched for my attention, I have to confess to being susceptible to trends when it comes to food – specifically vegetables.  Over the years, I’ve bought in to fiddlehead ferns and garlic scapes and jicama with varying degrees of commitment.  This year, I jumped onto the ramps wagon, although I didn’t make it to Hudson’s Ramp Fest last week,  and I’m suggesting that you do the same while you can.  The season will be over really soon and you’ll be left wondering and waiting until 2014 for your own taste of these lovely spring onions.  You can try your hand at foraging, but I was able to “source” the ones below the other night at Capital City Gastropub.  Get ’em while you can!

Ramps with olive oil and a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt

Ramps with olive oil and a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt



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2 responses to “Getting ramped up

  1. I’ve heard the ramps and fiddleheads hype but never tried them. When I found them at the Saratoga Farmer’s Market last weekend I jumped on the opportunity to give them a shot.

    I sauteed the fiddleheads with kale, beans and hot Italian sausage – they were really tasty. I made a ramp pesto with pecans and basil that is out of this world. With such short growing seasons I can understand the hype – both are lovely little treats.

    I never had garlic scapes until I had my first year in a CSA last year. At first I was a little perplexed as to what to do with them, but it didn’t take long until I had tried a dozen different ways to cook or eat them raw. Cannot wait for these again.

  2. We received a delivery of 7 lbs. of ramps at The Cheese Traveler last weekend. We have a handful of them left and another delivery coming this weekend, most likely Saturday. Because of the short season, this will probably be our last delivery until next year.

    Although we had never had ramps before, we’ve heard for several years that they are tasty. When a local forager contacted us, we were excited to have them in the shop for our customers, to share them with our neighbor All Good Bakers, and to enjoy them in our own kitchen.

    We are eager to offer more foraged veggies and mushrooms when we can get them because we feel that foraging fits into the old world mission of our shop. The same forager has told us he is looking for morel mushrooms next, and has told us that he will get a plentiful supply of chanterelle mushrooms for us in August and September (if my memory of the season is correct).

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