Lunar B*tches

You knew it had to eventually happen, right?  Our trio of women, bold enough to run in the dark by the light of the full moon,* have morphed into an exclusive little running club.  I’d like to officially present the Lunar B*tches Running Club!  A few facts about our group:

  • Frequency of meetings: monthly.
  • Distance: 5-7 miles.
  • Pace: varied depending upon conversation and hills, usually ~5.5 – 6.0 mph
  • Benefits: personal sanity, grownup interactions, strong legs and tight butts.
  • Qualifications: see above

Last night we did about 6.5 miles at a fairly consistent pace.  We spent some time at Capital Hills which, aside from real-deal hills, also has the convenience of water stations (amazingly cold water stations) and a bathroom for a midway pit stop.  The fireflies and soft rain added a bit of a magical touch to the run and we were three very satisfied mommies when we wrapped up our evening.

Already looking forward to August…

*we didn’t actually see the moon last night, but headlamps provide illumination in a pinch.



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2 responses to “Lunar B*tches

  1. You ladies should get Lunar B*tches t-shirts.

    • Hey! I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. Definitely thinking about shirts for the “club,” along with shorts that say “Ass by Albany Muni.” Nice to hear from you, Jon!

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