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50 essential 4-letter words

When I run, I think. Last night I was thinking about the turmoil in our world – the terrorist attacks in our country and abroad, the  conflict between our elected representatives and the folks they’re supposed to represent, the wave of anger that sometimes feels like it’s going to drown our country…it was pretty dark. The four letter word that seems to be most prevalent in all of those conditions seems to be hate, a word that I try not to use.

As the miles started ticking off, I began considering all of the other four letter words that I’m more inclined to use and realized how many of them have positive, even joyous, connotations.  As I started listing them in my head I knew I needed to jot them down for the days that feel dark and populated by those who would rather hate than love. Here are my top 50, in alphabetical order. You know, because I’m a librarian and all.

  • Able
  • Bake
  • Bath
  • Beer
  • Bike
  • Book
  • City
  • Cook
  • Done
  • Fall
  • Feel
  • Fire
  • F*ck
  • Help
  • Hike
  • Home
  • Hope
  • Kiss
  • Know
  • Lake
  • Less
  • Love
  • Mine
  • Moon
  • More
  • Need
  • Next
  • Once
  • Open
  • Ours
  • Pack
  • Park
  • Race
  • Rain
  • Read
  • Ride
  • Sand
  • Snow
  • Snug
  • Soap
  • Star
  • Trip
  • Vote
  • Walk
  • Want
  • Warm
  • Wind
  • Wine
  • Woke
  • Yoga

What are your essential four-letter words?



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A to Z in the Delso, Part IV

Finally – a conclusion to the alphabet.  You knew it was coming and where it was going to end, so, without further ado, I bring you R-Z.

In the DelSo we Recycle.  It makes it really weird when we visit places that don’t recycle.  Really weird.

I can’t say I’ve gotten any Shoes here.  Yet. 
Although I’m past that “going out and drinking too much and then eating whatever crap is available” stage of life, I’m sure some DelSo-ites take advantage of the Taco Bell option.

The hours are a little odd, but we’ve still got a U.S. Post Office.
Terrific Vietnamese food and have you tried their amazing coffee??
Turducken sandwich?  Fried chicken and waffles?  Yes, please, Wine n Diner!


I’ve got nothing…other than taxi service and Stanwix Street.  X-cuse me.
Yoga – check out the Sunday Sadhana, 9:30 – 11, rotating teachers,
class fees donated to various charities.  Feel good all over!
Zinnias!!  They seem to be the flower of choice this year and look at these beauties.


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A to Z in the DelSo, Part III

Believe me, I am not trying to milk this A to Z thing, I was just buying myself some time to figure out what to do about some of those challenging letters, like O and K and X.  No worries – I’ve got it all worked out and will speed things up a bit.  It’s not like I’m overly interested in the alphabet, despite what you might expect from a librarian, and I should be to Z in no time.  And Z was really easy, for the record.

Sam’s Italian American Restaurant – You know I like this place and there’s a reason they’ve been doing their thing for more than 40 years.  Have you tried that weeknight special yet?

There seem to be lots of supporters of Judge Heath-Roland.  I’m no expert, but I have met her and she seems lovely.  Good luck in the September primary, Judge!

Norman’s Kill – where dogs swim and gardens grow.  Need more info?  Check here.
Fortunately, my Laundromat days are over, but proximity to one certainly was a consideration for many years.  Imagine if they gussied this one up a bit?
Totally cool Movies like these at the Spectrum. ‘Nuff said, but we can talk snack bar if you’d like.

I know everyone is all about the food, but how about the wonderful bartending skills of Nick and Kevin?  That’s what keeps us hitting up this place on our way home. New World, thank you for coming to our neighborhood.

Oh, no!  Guess what is missing from the Delso?  Trashcans.  Maybe we can pair them with those awesome new crosswalks?

Another new spot coming to the DelSo in the old Vinnie’s Pizza location.  The space is looking good and I’m looking forward to trying Pizzalo when they’re open for biz.
Quinn – every neighborhood should have one, but stop at one.  Trust me.

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A to Z in the DelSo, Part II

Welcome back to my serialization (is this really a word?  I thought I made it up!) of the DelSo Alphabet.  Have you started looking around your neighborhood differently?

Emack & Bolio’sthe place to go for ice cream and open mike.
Tuesday night Farmer’s Market  – until 7pm!

     Have you seen Cassidy, the Lilly dog,  lately?  She really needs a visit to Greg’s after a summer of swimming in the Normanskill.

Hook & Ladder #4 required two photos since my trusty project assistant, Quinn, insisted upon taking the photo of the ladder truck.  This is the most beautiful firehouse in the city.

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A to Z in the DelSo, Part I

Walking through the DelSo today, I was inspired to attempt an A to Z tour of my neighborhood.  I had some conflicts – sometimes there were hard choices in what to feature, usually with letters I wouldn’t have anticipated struggling with like “U” and “V, ” but, I selected my favorites or those I wanted to highlight as being part of a hip up-and-coming neighborhood.  This was a really fun project, particularly with a 5 y/o whose name thankfully starts with “Q”, and I encourage you to give it a try in your neighborhood.  Feel free to share your personal favorites.
The awesome Delaware Avenue branch of the Albany Public Library

Botanica Ada’s – I’ve never actually been inside this intriguing shop, but I’m getting there – soon.
Cardona’s – my source for delicious Italian gourmet items.
Davey Jones – a place for beautiful fish and art


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