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How to spend 24 hours in the Adirondacks

Just in time for your weekend!

• Drive north late in the afternoon just as the sun begins to commit to its trip to the west.
• Settle in with a bowl of chili and more cheese and crackers than you typically consume in one sitting. Rationalize that it’s the mountain air.
• Gather around a bonfire with friends and a big bottle of rioja.
• Stare at the sky filled with magical stars.
• Walk in the deep dark to your accommodations for the night – a hilltop yurt.  CDD230E6-BB97-4242-9155-D47B5F54FAE0
• Snuggle with someone you love.
• Wake in the early morning, step outside and breathe.
• Take in the view and marvel at the beauty that meets your eyes in every direction. E67CFFCF-3FF2-418F-B634-D38079160BBE
• Meet your friends for a trail run.
• Eat a bountiful brunch in a quaint town and appreciate all the gifts you’re fortunate enough to have received.




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Vineyard Haven Sunsets

Last year I photographed a number of sunrises during my week on the Vineyard.  Early morning bike rides were my “me” time and I naturally gravitated towards the harbor to capture special morning moments.  This year, though, it was all about the sunset.  Our rental in Vineyard Haven had a wonderful deck with a northwest view and each evening brought a new display of colorful beauty.  Check these out:
ImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImage
Ending a day filled with beaches and boys couldn’t have been any finer.

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